Relieving Vulnerable Communities from pain.

Since 2004, RUN Foundation has been actively engaged in offering voluntary and supported outreach clinics to rural communities, serving diverse populations in Uganda.

Evangelistic Community Outreaches

We have touched thousands of lives in rural areas, providing dental care .

Short Term Mission Trips

Offering volunteer and internship opportunities for students and practitioners globally.

Student Sponsorships for Skill Acquisition

Providing sponsorships for students to acquire skills in dental nursing and other courses.

Our main goal is to reach Out!


We’ve have carried out over 200+ Community Outreaches

Since 2005, we have touched thousands of lives in rural communities, providing dental care and transforming lives through our evangelistic efforts.

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Dental Outreach with Volunteer Practioners

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Transforming lives through holistic healthcare initiatives and empowering communities for a healthier, happier world.

distributing dental essentials to community members during an outreach


Community Outreaches

These occur monthly over 4 days. and impact the vulnerable communities.





treatment being offered at the children’s community clinic - RUN Foundation

Medical & Health

Community Children's Clinic

For special treatment of a vulnerable child,  donate $20 or £16 or €18  




2500 KIDS

RUN Dental team members treating patient with a dental cavity


Sponsor a Student to Acquire Skills & Serve a Community

Bridging the accessibility & affordability by training people on the referral system by local communities.





Recent Events

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RUN Foundation Uganda hosts monthly Dental/Eye Care Outreaches, impactful Short-Term Missions, each event reflects our commitment to transformative change and community health.

Community Outreach in remote areas

Outreach to Gulu District ,Laminopabbo - Northern Uganda

This month, our outreach extends to the heart of Gulu District, specifically Laminopabbo in Northern Uganda. As we navigate the landscapes of this community, our mission is to bring not just medical relief but also the comforting message of hope. We stand committed to making a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of the residents, reflecting our dedication to transformative change in every step we take.

Volunteers on a short term mission trip

Matuga Outreach with MPower Team from USA

On February 6th, we join forces with the dynamic MPower team from the USA for a special outreach in Mattuga. This collaborative effort amplifies our mission to bring transformative healthcare to the community. As we unite with our international partners, our shared goal is to make a tangible impact on the health and wellbeing of the residents of Mattuga. This outreach embodies the spirit of global collaboration in our relentless pursuit of creating positive change in every community we serve.

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Feb 7th Kyawangabi, Bututumula, Luweero Outreach

Continuing our mission of transformative healthcare, on February 7th, we extend our outreach to Kyawangabi, Bututumula, and Luwero. This day marks another stride in our commitment to reaching diverse communities with dedicated care. Empowered by the support of our team, we embark on a journey to make a lasting impact on the health and wellbeing of these communities. Together, we stand united in the belief that healthcare knows no boundaries, and every community deserves access to compassionate and holistic services.

Volunteer Today in a Community of Need and transform Lives.

Join our dedicated teams during Evangelistic Dental/Eye care community outreaches.

We Can't Help Everyone, But Everyone Can Help Someone

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